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D.I.Y Organic Coffee Scrub

I would first like to say, I am so excited to guest blog for Wolven Threads and talk about a combination of my favorite things: organic living and skin care! I was raised in a family that valued organic produce and products and have not only found that eating healthy and organically are paramount but also, when something is homemade and organic, it's that much better. For my first post, I wanted to come up with a recipe that could be universally used by all skin types and would leave your skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. So let's first talk a little about our ingredients, and why I chose them. Coffee: enlivening, full of antioxidants, enhances circulation, natural exfoliant – coffee is...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Clare Stager

Change is a funny thing. It is inevitable, like the shifting tides of the ocean and the growing and falling of leaves throughout the seasons. All changes, big or small, amount to growth, expansion, and enlightenment. This inspiring lady knows a lot about changes, from moving to Morocco to teach Yoga to building sustainable vegetable gardens in her hometown, she chases change and welcomes it with open arms. Now she is off to Australia to promote sustainable living and share our recycled products with the rest of the world! Get to know our vegan travel writer and creative goddess, Clare Stager, and follow her travels to the other side of the world! What have your past few years looked like? These...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Alea Rain

We can't get enough of all of the amazing women creating, empowering, and bringing light into this world. Everyone is an artist, whether they create tangible works of art or create an energy that can then be shared with others. At Wolven Threads, we are so grateful for the community of artists that we get to work with and serve. This week we have chosen to interview a woman that creates beauty through performing and carefully dancing through life in a way that is kind and mindful of mother earth, the wonderful Alea Rain (@alearain). Alea in Wolven Threads Mandala Yoga Top and Mandala Yoga Shorts, shot by Renae Saxby What inspires you to keep performing? Dance for me is...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Carina Wolff

This life is full of inspiration and opportunity, each small movement we make or invitation we accept is opening a whole new dimension and layer of possibilities. What wills one person to to pick up a certain book, try a foreign food or strike up a specific conversation with someone unexpecting is a type of cosmic energy that brings together people of all forms. Wolven Threads aims to bring together not just the artists, vegans, and nature lovers that make up our team, but people who have never experienced these beautiful parts of life that are so deeply ingrained in us, in hopes that they may discover something about themselves and take away a bit of what we stand for. This Wednesday we are celebrating...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Tara Mackey

We are always looking for ways to heal ourselves with nature. We were created to be present on this earth and exist with its many healing properties. This week we are celebrating the feminine and finding healing and healthy inspiration from another rad lady, the best selling author of Cured by Nature, Tara Mackey.   What does your morning routine look like?  I stretch, make myself some caffeine free chai tea, an organic smoothie and do a quick meditation to start the day. Then I make and have breakfast and my fiancé and we take the dog on a hike. When we come home, I do a morning skincare routine: an oil cleanse, tone and face mask. Bliss! How do...

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