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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Tara Mackey

We are always looking for ways to heal ourselves with nature. We were created to be present on this earth and exist with its many healing properties. This week we are celebrating the feminine and finding healing and healthy inspiration from another rad lady, the best selling author of Cured by Nature, Tara Mackey.   What does your morning routine look like?  I stretch, make myself some caffeine free chai tea, an organic smoothie and do a quick meditation to start the day. Then I make and have breakfast and my fiancé and we take the dog on a hike. When we come home, I do a morning skincare routine: an oil cleanse, tone and face mask. Bliss! How do...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday with Sahara Rose

Woman Crush Wednesday with Sahara Rose Collectively, our team at Wolven Threads is made up of an eclectic group of beings with open minds, large hearts, and lots of creativity. We are founded in love for this earth and for the creation of each and every individual that has been given the chance to live on mother nature's soils and by her terms. We channel energy from each other and from her to recognize that no one being creates or distributes the same energy, and for that we celebrate! Soon we will celebrate the masculine energy that lives inside everyone, but right now we would like to celebrate a different kind of energy, the feminine. For the next few weeks...

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The Coconut Collective

If you're like me, coconut is an integral part of your everyday routine. I use the oil in almost all of my vegan recipes, lather it in my dry surfer hair and on my dehydrated skin, hydrate my body with coconut water after a yoga session or hot day, use it in oil and lotion form for medicinal purposes and eat it in every form possible because its that delicious. I see girls on Instagram living that island life and posting photos drinking coconut water out of whole coconuts, or lathering themselves in coconut bronzing lotion to bake like potatoes on the beach and think to myself "I'm not that basic" -- but I am and we all should be!...

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Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday: Kindred Sheeler

Kindred Sheeler above: kindred in our Blue Dream Yoga Top We got the chance to catch up with one of favorite, most inspiring vegan babes – Kindred Sheeler (@iamkindred) -- read more below!   What inspires you to stay vegan? Saving innocent sentient beings lives every time I decide to put something into my temple while, simultaneously fueling my body with the proper foods to operate at my full potential....! 🌱❤️🍉🙏🏽🌞🦄✨💕  What's your favorite documentary? My favorite documentary is Earthlings. It changed my life. Truly, an inconvenient truth, but absorbing an unbearable level of sadness that  was exactly what I needed to lock it in and commit to a healthier, kinder, cruelty free lifestyle known as a vegan one! #PlantStrong.. 7 years...

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